Core Team

Bharat Jain

Co-Founder & CIO

Mr. Bharat Jain, the co-founder & CIO of iWealth Management LLP oversees the people, processes and technology to deliver the required outcomes of the organization. He steers the investment policy of the firm. As a certified Chartered Financial Analyst, Mr. Bharat Jain is an expert on investment valuation. His career in stock markets spans over 2 decades including his stint at ENAM Securities (an investment group with a 30-year heritage of investing in the Indian capital markets). Over these years, Mr. Bharat Jain is highly regarded for his expertise in investments, advisory and fund management. Today, he leads an accomplished team of financial analysts and delivers market-beating returns. Through his first-hand experience of various market cycles and a firm grasp on the subject, Mr.Bharat Jain has created distinctive proprietary economic indicators, derivative & fundamental models.

Ashita Jain

Co-Founder & CEO

Mrs. Ashita Jain, the co-founder & CEO of iWealth Management LLP provides strategic, financial and operational leadership to the firm. With over a decade of extensive and rich experience in trading and investing, Mrs. Ashita Jain looks after trade execution and fund administration. With an undying passion for capital market investing, her technical analysis, her attention to micro details and an unmatched understanding of the pulse of the market gives iWealth India, an edge over any other investment firm. When she is away from the markets, you can catch her out on a run or trekking through the mountains. Ashita Jain is always looking to invigorate her mind and body. A believer in a work-life balance and health and fitness, Ashita is an avid trekker and also runs marathons.

Bhavya Gandhi

Fund Manager

Bhavya Gandhi Bhavya has 20 years of experience in investing and financial analysis across sectors. Prior to joining iwealth, he spends 11 years with leading financials like CIMB; Phillip capital; ABN Amro covering Mid and small-cap companies across sectors. He is highly rated by clients for his original think pieces and primary research work. His strength lies in connecting stories into financials and inverting to understand the loopholes in business strategies. He is part of the core investment team. His responsibilities are heading fund management, stock picking, and identifying business trackers. He is passionate about reading annual reports and reads tons of them on yearly basis. Bhavya is a Chartered accountant with and bachelor’s degree in commerce from MLSU University, Udaipur in 2001. He achieved All India's 35th rank in CA intermediatory.