Investment Strategy

The core architecture of iWealth India is built on four pillars which withstand varying market conditions. These pillars have been identified and built over the years with live market testing.

Macro Analysis

Macro Analysis involves carefully studying the market and decoding the asset allocation mix. Over the years, we have created and defined parameters such as economic indicators, sentiment indicators, intra-market analysis, profitable sectors, etc. which have also been tested in the live market environment This is a crucial step for stock-selection.

Quantitative Algorithms

Quantitative Algorithms have been put in place for a thorough screening process. Here, data is screened on parameters like financials, momentum, relative performance of sectors & stocks, etc. These metrics ensure that all decisions at our firm are backed by concrete data.

Process, not Stories

Our stringent stock selection processes enable us go beyond the stories that companies mention on the surface. To give you a gist, the in-depth stock selection process involves connecting financials with business strategy, meetings with companies, eliminating stocks with dubious credentials, etc.

Risk Management & Allocation

Our Risk management strategy includes a vigilant eye on the market and prompt action as the situation demands. At iWealth India, we talk about liquidity risk in terms of an initial M-cap criteria that is above 1000 cr stocks; while at the portfolio level it is above 5000-7000 cr. Our team of skilled professionals ensure risk-adjusted market returns where our gain to pain ratio is nearly four times higher than the benchmark indices.