Our Philosophy

The core architecture of iWealth India is built on four pillars which withstand varying market conditions. These pillars have been identified and built over the years with live market testing.

Process oriented

At our firm, being process-oriented is an important cornerstone. This involves collecting data, extracting patterns and facts from that data, and utilizing those facts to gain insights and also make inferences that benefit our investments. Our investment team is meticulous in every detail of the investment process. From stock selection to fund management, comprehensive processes which have stood the test of time are put in place to maximize outcomes.

Data Driven

At iWealth India, we have the passion to invest in the best technology and information systems. Hence, our decisions are led by facts, metrics, algorithms and pure data. It is safe to say that data driven decision making is at the heart of our firm! This approach gives us a holistic perspective and provides insights for better investments.

Risk Management

Our systems are designed to analyse potential risks and uncertainties. The necessary parameters are defined so our team can adopt a more proactive approach towards risk management. This allows us to generate optimum results with superior risk-adjusted outcomes. Over the years, we have built portfolios that are manageable through sudden and severely adverse stress events. This allows us to maximise upsides while carefully mitigating risks.


Long-run performance tests have often revealed that financially flexible firms not only invest more but also invest better. With a watchful eye on the market, we are flexible in taking calls across sectors & whether to stay in the market or be in cash. We're proud to say that our teams are trained to be flexible in their approach. They make the necessary amends promptly; based on what the data says. Our flexibility is defined by our responses in a timely and value-maximizing manner. This allows our firm to constantly adapt, innovate and evolve with ease